Paris James Reaches a New Creative Milestone
Lyric of the Eros
It's definitely a high-without inhaling!


Author Paris James has signed with one of Arizona's most prestigious publishers, Five Star Publications. His first book, Lyric of the Eros, is now available.

Although many people across America and throughout Europe know Paris James for his emotionally charged guitar work and vocals, Lyric of the Eros offers insights into a different aspect of Paris' creative personality. Lyric of the Eros is a collection of poems that evolved over the years from his imagination and his life experiences. The book also features free-hand illustrations by the author.

Paris had always intended for Lyric of the Eros to be accompanied by an extended play CD, but he purposely chose to ignore all urges to put his lyrics to music until after the book was completed. He chose instead to focus on implicit chords and melodies to create a metaphorical symphony of unique rhythms, rhymes, and tones. Then he drew upon his experiential, ethereal, and musical consciousness to weave them into a common theme of peace, love, and herbal magic-and not just any herbs, but the forbidden kind. 

Whether you're an original flower child of the sixties or simply a romantic admirer of the age of innocence, the era of Haight-Ashbury hippies, Woodstock, free love, and "sex, drugs and rock and roll," you'll love Lyric of the Eros. It's definitely a high-without inhaling! Lyric of the Eros-roll it up, twist it, and light it with the fire of your own imagination!

Lyric of the Eros is distributed by Ingram and Baker & Taylor and available at,,,, and 

Published by Five Star Publications, Inc.
$15.95 U.S. / Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-58985-108-5

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